How to give a new life to wilted greens

Hey there!

So sorry I took a mini hiatus.

Between dad coming home from a knee replacement & my 24/7/365 caring for Miss Thang I’ve been a tad busy.

But, tomorrow I’m guest posting for my friend Valerie on her blog: The Kitchen Revival. I’m sharing my GF DF breakfast cookie recipe (with a SF option). So head over there tomorrow & check it out. 🙂

& today I’ll show you how to give a new life to your wilted greens.

So. I’m absolutely obsessed with kale & carrots right now. Just completely 100% obsessed.

& honestly I kind of hoard them a little bit. Which is embarrassing.

I mean, seriously, I buy them in bulk.

& I eat them all by myself.

Well, mostly.

So I went to the fridge this morning & saw a sad bunch of kale.

& when I say said, I mean pretty wilted.

& when I say pretty, I mean very.

& I seriously hate wasting food.

I regrow lettuce, onions, celery, really anything I can (how-to post in the works).

So I removed the kale from the stems & tore it into bite size pieces.

I filled up my (very clean) kitchen sink with water & tossed the kale & a few sad carrots in.

I left it for about 45 minutes & then threw the kale into my salad spinner.

Spun it around a few times to get rid of the excess moisture.

& voila!

Ready to eat kale. Once again.


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