cold day cookin’: po’ man’s stew – using what you’ve got & being satisfied

Are you a firm believer of the philosophy “waste not, want not”?

Because I am.

Necessities have become unnecessarily expensive.

& that bothers me.

So, I’m experimenting regrowing veggies (if it works i’ll show you what I did), so far it’s doing pretty good..

Anyways, I had some yummy veggies wilting, a head of garlic losing it’s aroma, a random half of an onion, & 3/4lb beef chuck starting to get freezer burn.

So I grabbed a pound of red kidney beans & soaked them over night trying to figure out what to do with all this food & not have to throw it away.

So I decided to make a stew.

Here’s what I used (beans & my cut of chuck not included in my picture sorry)

poor man's stew |

Okay, so I soaked the beans overnight.

Drained, rinsed, & covered with clean water again.

poor man's stew |

^ don’t throw these away! you can use them in stock later! Freeze it in a ziploc, make veggie stock with it later, & then can it so it doesn’t go bad. My personal veggie stock recipe (no sodium!) can be found here!

So, I chopped all my veggies up & threw them in with the soaked kidney beans. Honestly any beans would work though, & I’ve found that the smaller groceries sell them in bulk & they are so much cheaper!

Here’s my cut of chuck.

poor man's stew |

That’s about 3/4 pound of beef chuck.

& honestly, leftover chicken or ground beef would work. But make sure the chicken is fully cooked first, just in case….

This is how you want to carve it up.

poor man's stew |

Salt & pepper the beef you’re using.

*Throw the fatty cuts into a ziploc & freeze for stock.


Now, you’ll want to sear the beef.

Do not completely cook it or you’ll loose all that yummy flavor.

poor man's stew|

^ look at how it’s brown on the outside, but it was still pink in the inside.

That’s how you want it.

poor man's stew |

^ that’s how your stew will look once it’s all thrown together, but still needs about 2 hours simmering.

& this is how it’ll look when it is ready to go in your belly. 🙂

poor man's stew |


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