new contributor Alexis Preston: getting to know me

Hello everyone!
My name is Alexis Preston and in less than a month I will be graduating from Sam Houston State University.
So as I wrap up my time here in Huntsville, Texas I took sometime to reflect on my experiences here at Sam and how they have also been different since I have made the decision to walk a life with Christ at a young age.

I don’t feel that I have missed out on anything, or not given the same fun or opportunities as everyone else, if anything, I feel my college experience has been better and more fulfilling. Even though I am a Christian I still rushed a social sorority and was not only able to be a mentor for my sisters but also teach them the love of Christ in my position of Chaplain.
I was able to find a group of friends who have the same love for Jesus as I do, that I could have a blast and go out, but also go to them in times of tribulation and hardship, and believe me, in college there’s a lot of them.
Your young life and 20’s are such an uncertain time of trying to figure out who we are and what we want to do in life
And knowing I have a friend, a listener, a father, and most importantly a savior makes the good times great and the hard times easier, as well as friends and sisters that support my decision to walk this journey.
Walking with Christ has only further enriched my college years.
I am so excited and look forward to contributing to this fantastic blog.
– Alexis
alexis headshot

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