product review: Bare brand “crunchy apple chips”

I was shopping on new years eve & came across the snack aisle.

& if you aren’t aware, I have made an end of the year resolution that will (hopefully) last through-out 2015..

That resolution, was/is to get healthy & it’ll be pretty sweet if I can get rid of some extra poundage.

Here’s a little background on me – I have a love/hate relationship with healthy foods – I love to hate them. I didn’t grow up eating them, & I’m having a hard time adjusting my palate to them, aside from carrots. Carrots are my crack.

At any given time I have 10 lbs of raw (usually organic) carrots in my home.

Alas, I digress…

So, here I am minding my own beeswax when lo & behold, I come across these bad boys:

product review: bare crunchy apple chips |

Bare crunchy apple chips.

Granny Smith & Fuji apple to be exact.

Apple + chips? I mean, it’s different, sure. But the bag says 90 calories per serving, gluten free, fat free, non-GMO, & USDA certified organic. So, I said screw it – & threw a bag of each in my buggy. Plus they’re $3.00 + tax. Not a huge loss if they suck right?

Eventually I made it home – I tend to wander & socialize when I actually have a chance to get out of the house. & of course I’m FAMISHED – because us fluffy girls are like that, well at least I am.

While preparing dinner, I pull out the “Great Granny Crunchy Apple Chips” to munch.

& let me tell you, they pack a punch. BUT IN A GOOD WAY!

Tart, but sweet. A little tangy, A LOT CRUNCHY.

I’m in low-calorie snack heaven.

Seriously. Amazing. How have I not seen these before? Why have I not tasted these before? What do they put in these things, FOR REAL?

As my aunt Suzette would say, “Love it, love it, Lyle Lovett!”

Yeah – THAT good.

So, I flipped over the package to read the ingredients right? & LITERALLY, it says: “INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC APPLES”. I was in disbelief. A little googling later I have learned these snacks are:

– 100% baked with no preservatives
– fat free; so dope
– 0g trans fat; even doper
– gluten free;
– no added sugar; that’s fine I put enough of that in my pies
– Non-GMO & USDA certified organic
– no cholesterol; (gonna sneak some on my Dad’s lunch plate hehe)
– good source of dietary fiber; well that’s always nice to have!

I’m not entirely observant of my surroundings apparently, because this is all printed on the packaging.


product review: bare crunchy apple chips |

Yes, this is a picture of my hand in the bag, & no I’m not crazy. I took the picture to show you that I’m not faking. It is truly delicious. They aren’t even paying me for this review in any way, shape, or form. πŸ™‚ I just really like the chips & wanted to tell the world! πŸ˜›

I mean really – do you see these things? Amazing.

product review: bare crunchy apple chips |

Look how vibrant the colors are, even though it’s been dehydrated.

Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous that I have not had these in my life before right now this very second that I am typing this.

I will be making another trip to the store TOMORROW because I MUST HAVE THESE IN MY LIFE.

Now, for the Fuji Red crunchy apple chips.

These are also 90 calories, USDA certified organic, fat free, & gluten free.

However, these, to me at least, are more of a dessert.

They are crunchy yes, but oh so, so sweet.

I have a sweet tooth. & far too often I resort to cookies, cake, or pie to satisfy it.


(except on special occasions)

Because these chips.

These chips RIGHT HERE:

product review: bare crunchy apple chips |

^ they satisfy my sweet tooth cravings.

I’m just absolutely flabbergasted that these crunchy little 90 calorie dehydrated apples are so full of flavor.

My palate & my belly are 100% satisfied.

* this is not a paid advertisement.



8 thoughts on “product review: Bare brand “crunchy apple chips”

  1. Thanks for the review. I haven’t noticed them before either. I’m a health food nutβ€”all 101 lbs of me. *Ducks for cover est you throw that bag of apple chips at me* πŸ˜‰

    Have you tried the black bean chips? I haven’t read the nutrition information, but they look interesting.

    I haven’t tried the enchilada recipe yet. When I make them, they will be chock full of beans and maybe some turkey sausage. The only corn tortillas available these days seem to be shelf stable and chock full of embalming agents. Yuck. I found a recipe that calls for half corn meal and half whole wheat flour. Otherwise you need masa harina. I hope to get around to making them soon. I’ve made whole wheat flour tortillas several times. They take awhile to make, but so good.

    Kudos on getting healthier. You won’t regret it. The world needs your adorableness around for many years to come!


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