super savory scramble!

super savory scramble.

say that 5 times fast!

No, you don’t really need to do that.

I mean, you can if you want. but you don’t HAVE TO.

super savory scramble! |

Miss Thang (my grandma) has her days & nights all mixed up, & as her primary caregiver that means my days & nights are all kinds of mixed up too.

So I woke up at  6am & was just absolutely FAMISHED

& I mean that.

& I really wanted somethin’ hearty, somethin’ to keep my belly full ’til lunch.

So I whipped up some eggs. But not just any eggs.

Garlicky, spinachy, mushroomy, cheesy eggs. & they were ah-maz-ing.

Here’s what you need:

2 eggs, whisked
1 clove garlic, minced
1 handful of fresh spinach, stems removed
1 handful of mushrooms

Whisk your eggs & set aside.

Then, drizzle some EVOO into a pan & heat it on low heat.

Toss the garlic into the pan & brown it.

super savory scramble! |

Then throw some mushrooms on top of that, & saute those suckers.

super savory scramble! |

Then add the spinach, & grate some mozzarella on top & saute those too.

super savory scramble! |

Once it’s all sauteed, & the cheese is melted & gooey, stir in your eggs.

super savory scramble! |

Cook to your preferred consistency. 🙂

PS – Here’s a handy dandy 5×7″ printable!

super savory scramble recipe card


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