caregiving chronicles: a glimpse into my life as a young caregiver

If you didn’t know already, I am a caregiver for my grandmother. She has late stage dementia.


I formed a team in 2014’s Alzheimer’s walk & we raised over $900 for Alzheimer’s research.


This means my patience is tested when she asks the same question 30 times in 45 minutes. This means she believes she has taken a bath when she hasn’t bathed in days. This means that she forgot she ate so she is constantly convinced she is starving.


We are on a slippery slope & she is declining fast. It hurts my heart to see her trapped in the inescapable prison of her own mind. I hurt for her that she doesn’t remember that she asked me 100 times today if we did an address change at the post office.

My dog Sugar Bear has become very protective of her.


She will curl up in the chair next to Miss Thang’s recliner & lie there, guarding her from any intruder or perceived foe.

Photo Oct 09, 2 28 12 PM

& Simone (the brown dog) loves to get loved on by Grammy!


I love them all.


I even love Grammy’s 12 year old cat who is an utter asshole. But her name is Princess so she’s entitled to be an asshole I suppose. 😉



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