carrot green & pine nut pesto

I didn’t grow up eating healthy. I was very, very active though.

So, I’m trying to get active again, & I’m training my palate to enjoy vegetables. & like I’ve told you before, I’m obsessed with farm-to-table because everything is so much better that way.

If I’m going to learn to love vegetables (so far it’s successful) it’s going to be local vegetables, & I’m going to make friends in the process. 🙂

In this recipe I’m using the greens I trimmed off of carrots I bought at the Three Sisters Farm farm stand over the weekend, as well as pine nuts that have no preservatives.

carrot green & pine nut pesto |

Carrot green & pine nut pesto

3 c loosely packed carrot greens, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 c pine nuts
2 tbsp EVOO

Combine & blend.

carrot green & pine nut pesto |

Use within 24 hours.

* freeze extras in an ice cube tray, 1 tbsp per cube. 🙂


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