product review: earth therapeautics foot scrub

So I SERIOUSLY have tired, achy feet by the end of the day.

To the point that I’m howling & hobbling around.

product review: tea tree cooling foot scrub |

So I found this at the store & I have been trying it out.

It does actually cool & soothe your feet like it claims.

But if I were the manufacturer, I would make an accompanying tea tree oil cooling foot balm, & the reason for that is, yes the scrub cools & exfoliates. But what about those days that you just really want a foot massage – even when you have to give one to yourself? I mean, I’m not going to soak my feet in the tub & scrub them every time they hurt. That would be so much water, goodness gracious. I just couldn’t in good conscience do that. 😦

Nevertheless, I will purchase it again because it really does soothe my feet, but so I don’t waste a billion gallons of water, I will continue to use it sparingly. & I would definitely purchase & prefer to use a balm of the same caliber if they decide to make one.

By the way, I got some of these neat Jamberry nail wraps, as you can see, from my friend Kim! If you’re interested in them they can be found here.


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