product review: earth therapeautics foot scrub

So I SERIOUSLY have tired, achy feet by the end of the day.

To the point that I’m howling & hobbling around.

product review: tea tree cooling foot scrub |

So I found this at the store & I have been trying it out.

It does actually cool & soothe your feet like it claims.

But if I were the manufacturer, I would make an accompanying tea tree oil cooling foot balm, & the reason for that is, yes the scrub cools & exfoliates. But what about those days that you just really want a foot massage – even when you have to give one to yourself? I mean, I’m not going to soak my feet in the tub & scrub them every time they hurt. That would be so much water, goodness gracious. I just couldn’t in good conscience do that. 😦

Nevertheless, I will purchase it again because it really does soothe my feet, but so I don’t waste a billion gallons of water, I will continue to use it sparingly. & I would definitely purchase & prefer to use a balm of the same caliber if they decide to make one.

By the way, I got some of these neat Jamberry nail wraps, as you can see, from my friend Kim! If you’re interested in them they can be found here.


product review: Bare brand “crunchy apple chips”

I was shopping on new years eve & came across the snack aisle.

& if you aren’t aware, I have made an end of the year resolution that will (hopefully) last through-out 2015..

That resolution, was/is to get healthy & it’ll be pretty sweet if I can get rid of some extra poundage.

Here’s a little background on me – I have a love/hate relationship with healthy foods – I love to hate them. I didn’t grow up eating them, & I’m having a hard time adjusting my palate to them, aside from carrots. Carrots are my crack.

At any given time I have 10 lbs of raw (usually organic) carrots in my home.

Alas, I digress…

So, here I am minding my own beeswax when lo & behold, I come across these bad boys:

product review: bare crunchy apple chips |

Bare crunchy apple chips.

Granny Smith & Fuji apple to be exact.

Apple + chips? I mean, it’s different, sure. But the bag says 90 calories per serving, gluten free, fat free, non-GMO, & USDA certified organic. So, I said screw it – & threw a bag of each in my buggy. Plus they’re $3.00 + tax. Not a huge loss if they suck right?

Eventually I made it home – I tend to wander & socialize when I actually have a chance to get out of the house. & of course I’m FAMISHED – because us fluffy girls are like that, well at least I am.

While preparing dinner, I pull out the “Great Granny Crunchy Apple Chips” to munch.

& let me tell you, they pack a punch. BUT IN A GOOD WAY!

Tart, but sweet. A little tangy, A LOT CRUNCHY.

I’m in low-calorie snack heaven.

Seriously. Amazing. How have I not seen these before? Why have I not tasted these before? What do they put in these things, FOR REAL?

As my aunt Suzette would say, “Love it, love it, Lyle Lovett!”

Yeah – THAT good.

So, I flipped over the package to read the ingredients right? & LITERALLY, it says: “INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC APPLES”. I was in disbelief. A little googling later I have learned these snacks are:

– 100% baked with no preservatives
– fat free; so dope
– 0g trans fat; even doper
– gluten free;
– no added sugar; that’s fine I put enough of that in my pies
– Non-GMO & USDA certified organic
– no cholesterol; (gonna sneak some on my Dad’s lunch plate hehe)
– good source of dietary fiber; well that’s always nice to have!

I’m not entirely observant of my surroundings apparently, because this is all printed on the packaging.


product review: bare crunchy apple chips |

Yes, this is a picture of my hand in the bag, & no I’m not crazy. I took the picture to show you that I’m not faking. It is truly delicious. They aren’t even paying me for this review in any way, shape, or form. 🙂 I just really like the chips & wanted to tell the world! 😛

I mean really – do you see these things? Amazing.

product review: bare crunchy apple chips |

Look how vibrant the colors are, even though it’s been dehydrated.

Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous that I have not had these in my life before right now this very second that I am typing this.

I will be making another trip to the store TOMORROW because I MUST HAVE THESE IN MY LIFE.

Now, for the Fuji Red crunchy apple chips.

These are also 90 calories, USDA certified organic, fat free, & gluten free.

However, these, to me at least, are more of a dessert.

They are crunchy yes, but oh so, so sweet.

I have a sweet tooth. & far too often I resort to cookies, cake, or pie to satisfy it.


(except on special occasions)

Because these chips.

These chips RIGHT HERE:

product review: bare crunchy apple chips |

^ they satisfy my sweet tooth cravings.

I’m just absolutely flabbergasted that these crunchy little 90 calorie dehydrated apples are so full of flavor.

My palate & my belly are 100% satisfied.

* this is not a paid advertisement.